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About Delsted

Delsted Media Production is a dynamic and creative production company with offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg. We specialize in video, photo and animation productions in all forms. From our bases in Aalborg and Copenhagen, we produce media content for companies and agencies across the country.

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Our many partners are always involved in creating incredibly exciting productions. Here you can watch some of the video productions that we’ve helped bring to life.

Behind the camera

Come with us behind the camera and see what’s new at Delsted. Here you can explore posts from our various social media.

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We really prefer to let our productions speak for themselves, but text is a necessity when you have a website that has to appear on Google every now and then. Therefore, we have written a little about our work, so both you and the many search engines can learn more about what we have to offer.


Video production in Denmark – and the rest of Europe

At Delsted we have photographers in Copenhagen and Aalborg (Denmark), but we are able to cover way outside of Denmark if you need a commercial, a portrait photo or a different media production. Our skilled photographers are in control of productions ranging from TV commercials to food photos, so whatever you have in mind, we can definitely help you with your project.

Among other things, we produce TV commercials, animated films, drone footage, event video and product videos at a high professional and professional level.


We have good experience with production of TV commercials, cinema commercials, animated films and other commercials. We also like to help with creating quality content for digital marketing for social media – it can be YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising or LinkedIn advertising.


Animated videos can be the solution if traditional video is not enough to bring your idea to life. At Delsted, we can offer 3D and 2D animations, as well as effects and graphics that make your video production stand out. These can be 3D objects that display complex scenarios, 2D animated images that illustrate a specific situation or something completely different. Limited only by your imagination!

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